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Caving Adventure

Experience a wonderful adventure in one of the most beautiful caves in the Mediterranean. Modric Cave is 836m long and has many beautiful stalactites, stalagmites (you will finally learn how they differ!), and columns. Gather the courage to see these underground treasures of beauty, We’ll take you through the secret maze and narrow passageways to […]

Cave Park Grabovača

In Grabovača one is able to uncover the inappreciable affluence of underground karstic forms, 1/4 of the total number of protected speleological objects in Croatia. The complex of diverse and precious speleological forms, as far as the abundance of calcite creations is concerned, in a spatially restricted locality of only 1,5 km2. It consists of […]

Memorial Center Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (Smiljan, 10 July 1856th – New York, 7 January 1943.), a scientist and an innovator of world renown. He worked in the field of electrical engineering and radio, and invented the rotating magnetic field and the polyphase system of alternating current. In honor of the centennial of his birth, the International Electrotechnical Commission […]


Pag Island is the most southern island of the Kvarner Bay, linked by ferry to the north and the south over the bridge to the nearby town of Zadar. Pag is famous for its superb art, Pag cheese, jaundice – a local white wine, and excellent lamb, which is unique because of the rare vegetation, […]